Photography —
  1. Scans
  2. Places  — abstract; geo
  3. People — oldyoung
Experiments —
  1. Conceptual
  2. Visual


A Now Page is about having a place in the world wide web that focuses on the present. While not being willing to talk about myself here, I find this concept quite interesting. Paradoxes for the win.


The little campaign about plantmilk (see  ︎) will relaunch in June for a bigger audience. Furthermore posters want to be designed and so many thoughts (in general, my studies, relationships) want to be sketched and grown.


In January 2019 I realised a little info campaign which run one week at the popular veggie canteen at FU Berlin about unmilking the future. Some plant milk companies contributed products, so a group of sweet fellows and me stood there, drinking plant milk with the guests, distributing stickers and the website which is for entertaining yourself with information why you should and how to avoid animal milk.

21/12/2018 In case someone is reading this, calm and sit down (even if you’re sitting already). If everything seems complicated to you these days, try to learn writing html and css code, and the complexity in your life will appear much easier. I started confronting myself with my knowledge of html I gained with thirteen or something very sporadically and I am learning now how to (literally) write websites. Indeed, it changes the perspective of visual structure and the internet in general. Purpose: I’m currently creating a little vegan campaign which sounds crazier but as time-consuming as it is. So I’m deep down diving into programming and illustrating. And despite that, watching how december is affecting me as I don’t see a reason to worry about the vibes that come with the end of the year. For this time I understood, the aim at positivity and the decision to be content wouldn’t work out - the conclusion is to let it happen while nothing else is possible anyway. Nice to keep up the illusion you could control it if you wouldn’t let go. But, I have this feeling that forcing or hoping for a good mood wouldn’t make any difference and the vibe of the time will be just fine and enough. I smell some modest fulfillment. However I don’t raise a claim for the oh so emotionally charged days till next year. Celebrating life’s bitter and sugared realness. Every sentence with the term ‘life’ has a high risk to discomfort.
Lyric is back after two months of absence. Very euphoric about both: a term paper I just got back and the contemporary german lyric scene that a seminar and live readings brought nearer to my brain again.   
Bubbling over with ideas, filling them in test tubes and precisely, consciously mixing the essences up. If you’re still reading this, I wish you warm feelings, warm red cabbage and securing hugs.

Lately I’m trying to take a direction my personal creativity can grow to and through.
I am combining the curiosity about good old photography, the younger graphic design and the tendency to idealism and critical questions more than ever before which feels refreshing. Diving into these ‘multidisciplinary’ experiments I want to put attention on a view, a perspective, ideas that get too little.
Despite that I found back to meditation which - if you read this, whoever you are - I want to recommend. Hard work though. Moreover, I am balancing out the intensity that life hits and flatters me with but this complex pure- and realness should be left out of the lovely internet.

Now it’s autumn. In summer happened some things:

︎ This poster exhibition at Freie Universität Berlin and (Humboldt Universität afterwards) was about the connection between veganism and sustainability.

︎ This exhibition informed about living Zero Waste and caught the crowds interest with some photographs of trash: stilllifes inspired by Juan Sanchéz Cotán in year 1602,  at Freie Universität Berlin.

︎ This group exhibition at the Potsdamer Straße in April was one of the first times people saw some of my photos and a sculptural object on white walls.