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Pics Or It Did Not Happen

Group exhibition during the Gallery Weekend at Potsdamer Straße Berlin about ‘Generation Y’, April, May 2018.

‘DNA // Data’, wooden object, 2017 - 2018

Data or I did not happen? Pathetic question, but of course we identify with our photos, video, files – at least as a whole generation. The digital memory fades and is limited. According to current research the future of data storage technology is the DNA: It can pack tons of information into very small molecules, unlike CDs it'll never become obsolete, and it can last for tens of thousands of years with 100% accuracy. Ironically, the digital transformation might end in using the most ‘nondigital’ and not artifical memory system that is the base of nature.

‘Kinder der Digitalisierung’, digital and self-developed analogue photographs, 2014 - 2018